To Healing & Change

Helping People Heal

For Children & Families

We provide quality mental health services to children and families in our community.

To Healing & Change

Our professionals believe that healing and growth have the power to change the legacy of a family.

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Planting the Seeds of HEALTH & HEALING in our Community

Legacy Health and Wellness began as a seed planted by a team of dedicated professionals who share the belief that healing and growth has the power to change the entire legacy of a family.​

About Legacy Health & Wellness Las Vegas

Legacy Health & Wellness is a Behavioral and Mental Health Agency that was started by a group of dedicated professionals committed to providing ethical, appropriate and coordinated services to all we serve. The focus of our treatment team is to meet clients where they are in their lives, and use a structured team approach to assist clients in their journey toward growth and healing. Legacy staff is comprised of specialists with years of experience in best practices, and each are dedicated to empowerment and the process of healing.

Our Mission

Legacy's Mission to their patients

It is our mission to provide quality mental health services to people of all ages in our community. Legacy understands the challenges people face during the span of a lifetime. We support each individual in the process of growing and healing emotionally, physically, behaviorally, and socially to overcome these challenges.

Our Commitment

Legacy is committed to providing quality, professional care. We are committed to meeting people where they are in their lives with a spirit of respect and acceptance. Our treatment team will develop personalized therapeutic interventions to effectively assist each individual.

Legacy's commitment to their patients