Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

No, we offer appointments Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Legacy does not provide transportation to or from therapy, although we can assist you in accessing those services. In addition, Basic skills training and psychosocial rehabilitation are services where transportation may be included.

Absolutely, intake paperwork is available on the website!

The last appointment offered is 5:15 pm to 6:00 pm

Both licensed state interns and fully licensed therapists have completed the same level of education. Licensed state interns are required to complete 3,000 hours of supervision under the direct care of their board approved primary supervisor, secondary supervisor and Legacy Health and Wellness’ Clinical supervisor. Our licensed state interns are at various levels in their internship. All therapists, both interns and fully licensed, are under the direct supervision of the Clinical supervisor.

If there is a specific therapist you would like to see, every effort will be made to make that happen.

Legacy policy is that after 15 minutes the appointment will be rescheduled.

Legacy Health and Wellness understands that emergencies can happen. We ask that you call in the event of an emergency. If you fail to show for an appointment (and do not call), or cancel/reschedule an appointment 2 times, our front office staff will be required to remove future appointments scheduled.  Should you wish to return for therapeutic services, you may be placed on a wait list, which may cause delays.

Legacy policy dictates co-pays be paid at the time of your appointment.

If it is an emergency, we encourage you to call 911. However, it is at the therapist’s discretion to provide his or her number to call them directly.

We encourage you to plan for young children by either not bringing them or arranging for an adult to watch them while you are in session. It is important for you to be able to focus on yourself.  Older children/teens are typically more self-sufficient and able to entertain themselves without direct supervision. 

It is Legacy’s preference that pets not be brought to the office. The reasoning behind this is others come to the office that may have allergies, or trauma associated with animals.  However, service animals, because they are therapeutic in nature, are welcome.

You are welcome to bring people to your session; however, a release must be signed indicating it is okay with you that your personal therapeutic issues be discussed in his or her presence.

If you and your therapist are not a good fit, it is appropriate to have a discussion with the clinical supervisor to determine who might best suit your needs. If you want the change because you are not happy with something the therapist recommends, we encourage you to talk to the therapist and clinical supervisor regarding the issue before making any changes as part of the problem-solving process.

No, we believe you should have the right to pick your own psychiatric professional although we have referrals if needed.

No, we do not have an on-site prescriber for medications.

Legacy offers several different services that include: Basic skills training, psychosocial rehabilitation, play therapy, a variety of groups, relapse prevention, family sessions, and couples’ therapy.

Your information is kept confidential within our Agency. The only exceptions for this is associated with billing, or in the event you are a danger to yourself or others.

Legacy policy is to disclose only the following: date of admission, diagnosis, dates of attendance, treatment plan, and participation. This is only disclosed with a release from you.  Clinical notes are not provided.

Legacy will testify in Court if ordered to do so by the judge. Therapists have distinct limits on what can be disclosed without a release, or Court Order.  Please note, a fee for Court appearances may be charged.

When appropriate, we are happy to assist with disability paperwork.

Absolutely! There is an employment link on our website.