Group Treatment Services

Las Vegas - Legacy Group Treatment Services

  • Post-Acute Hospitalization
  • Depression
  • Anger Management
  • Adolescent Group
  • Anxiety

Details of Group Treatment Services

Post-Acute Hospitalization:
This group is an important component in the healing process. Those who attend post-acute hospitalization groups are provided with a safe place to address life-changing transitions. Attendees have the opportunity to talk about their experience with acute hospitalization, challenges they face soon after their release, and access to a wide variety of community resources, including medication management if appropriate. This group focuses on problem identification, problem solving skills, and self-advocacy. Attendees are provided with support and guidance to assist them in addressing their needs effectively, and before challenges become overwhelming. The primary goal is to provide an avenue where attendees receive encouragement and help to access the services they need.

This group focuses on the development of constructive and effective coping strategies when dealing with sadness, guilt, anger, and hopelessness often associated with depression. Attendees learn to challenge how these feelings and thoughts impact their lives through empowerment and support. In these groups attendees are able to build connections with others, and through those connections reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. The acceptance and strength that comes with a cohesive group builds feelings of self-worth and provides a support system like no other. With this support system, attendees have an opportunity to explore and practice a variety of coping methods designed to successfully break through the blinding effects of depression, face challenges with increased courage, and celebrate those victories with others!

Anger Management:
The focus of this group is to learn effective strategies for identifying and managing feelings, problem solving, and stress reduction. Attendees learn to identify and isolate triggers that can ignite anger responses, learn to more effectively communicate feelings, and develop strategies for self-intervention and de-escalation.

Adolescent Group:
The focus of this group is to develop skills in problem solving, conflict / resolution, and goal setting. Attendees also learn effective coping strategies for managing anxiety, stress, and fear, and dealing with a variety of challenging situations. The curriculum is designed to encourage self-awareness, ability to take personal responsibility, and developing / increasing a positive self-image.

The focus of this group is to learn coping skills that assist in successfully managing feelings of anxiety, stress and worry. Attendees are taught calming strategies, problem solving skills, and thought stopping techniques. In addition, participants work on developing routines that promote healthy sleeping patterns, time management, and organizational skills.